RPM File Format

This is my cheat sheet for the RPM file format. While there is an article about the RPM file format, it is far from complete. Still, have a look: http://rpm.org/wiki/DevelDocs/FileFormat


The lead section seems to be pretty much dead. (also see 2.3. Lead format)

Signature header

SIZEint32_tThe size of the package header and payload section in bytes
MD5BLOBThe MD5 digest of the package header and payload as they are stored on the file system.
SHA1HEADERSTRINGThe SHA1 digest of the package header only. Stored as lowercase hex string.
PAYLOAD_SIZEint32_tThe uncompressed size in bytes of the CPIO archive in the payload section.

Signature padding

After the signature header has been written the file is aligned to 8 bytes. This makes the following package header start of in a file index dividable by 8.

Package header

The package header has the same format as the signature header, but does use different tags.


PAYLOAD_FORMATSTRINGThe type of the archive format, currently only cpio can be used.
PAYLOAD_CODINGSTRINGThe way the file archive is compressed: e.g. gzip.
FILE_SIZESint32_tFor each file and directory stored in the archive the size in bytes. Directories do count 4096 each.

Payload data

The payload data is the actual file data. It is a CPIO archive, compressed either by GZIP, BZIP2 or XZ. Also see tags PAYLOAD_FORMAT and PAYLOAD_CODING.

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