Managing Eclipse Projects

This is my personal cheat sheet for managing projects at the Eclipse Foundation. It assumes that you already have an approved project. If you are interested in learning how to start a project at Eclipse, read Starting a new project. This document is neither an official document of the Eclipse Foundation nor the way to go, but maybe it helps someone.

Also see the Eclipse project handbook.

All links in this document, which are project specific, will target the project Eclipse Package Drone.

Setting up a new project

At first you will receive an e-mail telling you that your project is ready. Wait for this e-mail.

Incubation phase

New projects will normally be started in the Incubation phase. This means that you have to add special branding, making others aware of the fact that your projects in in some sort of early stage.

Project meta data

The Eclipse Foundation maintains a project information database which holds a set of information about the project, like repositories, descriptions, releases, reviews. You should probably update the project metadata every now and then.

Setting up a web presence

You will get a default web presence at<my-project> e.g.

Request a web presence as described here: