The “Linux Class Library”.

What was…

The LCL was started in 1998 as a set of tools you need in your “every day C++ programmer day”. Using templates, exceptions, but keeping it “all simple” it contains lots of stuff that makes your life easier. During the following years, the LCL was extended and ported from various Unix flavors even to native Windows. Considering different compilers back then (egcs, DEC C++, MSVC 5) it was quite a job to keep it all working on different platforms. The STL was quite unportable and still misses several features LCL has.

… and what is!

Up to 2004 it served my quite well, although much better libraries (Boost for example) came up, and with Microsoft fixing its “C++” compiler and all the Unix flavours vanishing, I have no need for selfmade C++ library. Besides that, I’m currently working a lot more with Java than with C++.

So don’t expect any more updates for LCL go and some of the fine libraries that now are out there ;-) or trade in your Emacs and GCC for Eclipse :-P

The old homepage is still here!