Good news everyone: Trunk is back

Let’s start 2024 with something positive! At the end of 2023 I did fork trunk, a tool to build web application based on Rust and WebAssembly. I laid out the reasons in a blog post, but also said that I would merge things back into trunk if the project came back, and it did!

In a nutshell, I think we do have the best outcome one could wish for. Trunk moved to its own GitHub organization: trunk-rs, I got added as a maintainer and am now also able release new versions (Many thanks for putting that trust in me).

But also did the changes of trunk-ng get merged into trunk. There’s a new version stream (0.18.x), which marks the merge of trunk-ng back into trunk. All the new features, and a few new issues, got merged, and the bugs ironed out in the following releases.

The good news is also that people start bringing their PRs again too, aside from their issues. So, if you have some ideas and time to invest: PRs welcome 😆

As a conclusion: no one should fear a fork in open source. That’s normal and doesn’t mean any disrespect. And, there’s always a way back! Just be open for it!