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GSoC with Kapua – Just peeking

The deadline for the evaluations of phase for Google Summer of Code are pretty close. So it was time to take another look at what Arthur did with the logistics simulation for Eclipse Kapua.

The first phase was focused on creating a simple logistic network simulation and pushing telemetry data to Eclipse Kapua. The data isn’t realistic and that is ok, since this never was a requirement for the simulation. The second phase was focused around creating a simple dashboard for visualizing the data generated by the simulator.

So let’s have a quick look:

Now, as you can see, trains driving through oceans isn’t that realistic ;-) But we agreed on not taking things like this under consideration. Companies and locations are
randomly generated and figuring out which vehicles could drive on which roads between locations would simple be too much for this project.

The dashboard component is implemented using Dart and simply because it was considered cool ;-)

There are still a few rough edges and the next phase will be focused on cleaning things up and making it consumable by people to play around with it.

Just a bit of Apache Camel

Sometimes you write something and then you nearly forget that you did it … although it is quite handy sometimes, here are a few lines of Apache Camel XML running in Eclipse Kura:

I just wanted to publish some random data from Kura to Kapua, without the need to code, deploy or build anything. Camel came to the rescue:

<routes xmlns="">
  <route id="route1">

    <from uri="timer:1"/>
    <setBody><simple>${bean:payloadFactory.create("value", ${random(100)})}</simple></setBody>
    <to uri="kura-cloud:myapp/topic"/>


Dropping this snippet into the default XML Camel router:

  • Registers a Kura application named myapp
  • Creates a random number between 0 and 100 every second
  • Converts this to the Kura Payload structure
  • And publishes it on the topic topic