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10 years

Many of my blog posts are actually a “note to self”. Things I write down in order not to forget them. This one even goes a bit further. So save yourself some time and skip it ;-)

10 years ago I started an adventure [1]. Creating an open source SCADA system and a business with that. Having an open source SCADA system was not the business case back then, it was just a side effect.

So in those 10 years a lot of things haven happened. Just think back a moment, there was no “smart phone” back then. Although there was Java 5, most of us hesitated and stuck with 1.4, not having generics. 32bit was standard. Raspberry PIs had not been invented yet (though I did have a Lego Mindstorms NXT). There was no Git and you could be lucky if you had Subversion. Not talking about services like GitHub, Travis-CI or other hipster cloud things.

Also in the area that I worked, let’s just label it “SCADA”, a lot has happened. During that time we developed openSCADA, which later became an Eclipse project named “Eclipse SCADA” and now “Eclipse NeoSCADA”. And similar things happened in that industry field. Instead of having closed source, C based, isolated systems, we now have a more open field, where data is transmitted using virtual machine based systems, wrapping up data in XML or JSON structures [2], re-use code from open source projects. And quite many of those things happen in the Eclipse IoT working group and top-level project, which I am glad to be a part of.

Looking back 10 years again, Eclipse was an IDE like Apache was a web server [3]. And today both foundations govern a huge set of projects, far away from their original starting points and quite a sum of them has, in some way, to do with IoT.

So I am really looking forward to next Monday, when I will start a new position at the IoT team of RedHat. To me this is a great opportunity and a great adventure into the next 10 years. I am sure that a lot will happen in the area of IoT, communication between devices and services. And I appreciate it that I can be a part of this.

But also will I miss what I am leaving behind. Not only the software that I made and the things I have accomplished, but, more important, colleagues who became friends.

[1] To be honest, it was 10 years and 3 months ago. Then again the first three months were more preparing than actually doing.
[2] Not sure if this is an improvement, but it is the way it goes.
[3] I know it was more back then already, but not as it is now

New version of Maven RPM builder

I just released a new version of the Maven RPM builder. Version 0.6.0 allows one to influence the way the RPM release information is generated during a SNAPSHOT build (also see issue #2).

While the default behavior is still the same, it is now possible to specify the snapshotBuildId, which will then be added as release suffix instead of the current timestamp. Setting forceRelease can be used to disable the SNAPSHOT specific logic altogether and just use the provided release information.

Mattermost at Eclipse

About half a year back Cédric and I did start a test to see if Mattermost is a valuable tool for the Eclipse community. Failure was an option, since a new tool should bring some benefit to the community.

The server this instance was running on was sponsored by my current employer, IBH SYSTEMS GmbH. The test was scheduled to be terminate at the end of June. And since I will change to RedHat, starting in July, we were forced to make a decision:

:-) Mattermost now is a permanent, community supported service of the Eclipse Foundation. Hosted on the Eclipse Foundation’s infrastructure, but supported by its community. We also dropped the “-test” in the domain name. So please update your links, if you had some. All content was migrated to the new server.

Also did we setup a new IRC bridge, which does bridge the IRC channel #eclipse-dev on freenode to the Mattermost channel developers-qa.

Cédric and I proposed a talk at for EclipseCon Europe 2016 to show the community what Mattermost is and how it can be used for engaging users and committers.

Happy chatting ;-)

Writing RPM files … in plain Java … on Maven Central

A few weeks back I wrote a blog post about writing RPM files in plain Java.

What was left over was the fact that the library was not available outside of Package Drone itself. Although it was created as a stand alone functionality you would need to fetch the JAR and somehow integrate it into your build.

With the recent release of Package Drone 0.13.0 I was finally able to officially push the module to Maven Central.

[code language=”xml”]

In the meanwhile I did work on a Maven RPM builder plugin, which allows creating RPM files on any platform. The newest version (0.5.0) has been released today as well, which already uses the new library.

So working with RPM files just got a bit easier ;-)