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Java 8 streaming – or not?

One of the most advertised use cases of the new lambdas in Java 8 is the possibility to stream collections and transform it. The “series of tubes” has a lot of examples on how to do this, I just wanted to look at it from a different perspective, readability.

So starting with a real-life problem of a map Map<ResultKey, List> result which I want to transform into a Set<String>.

Before Java 8, I had something like:

[code language=”java”]
Set<String> ids = new HashSet<> ();
for ( List<ResultEntry> list : result.values () ) {
for ( ResultEntry entry : list ) {
if ( entry.getAction () == Action.DELETE ) {
String id = entry.getArtifact ().getId ();
ids.add ( id );

Now, with Java 8, I can do:

[code language=”java”]
Set<String> deleteSet = result.values ().stream ()
.flatMap ( list -> () )
.filter ( entry -> entry.getAction () == Action.DELETE )
.map ( entry -> entry.getArtifact ().getId () )
.collect ( Collectors.toSet () );
context.deleteArtifacts ( deleteSet );

Neither one is shorter nor seems less complex from an initial view. So, which one is better?

Searching for lyrics in Google Music

google music logoDear Google,

as a subscriber of Google Music I often search for music I listened to in the past. In many cases I do know the title, artist or sometime the name of the album.

But sometimes I just remember a fragment of the lyrics. However, searching for a fragment from the lyrics brings up nothing useful in Google Music.

So please Google, allow me to search not only for meta data like title, artist or album, but also for lyrics.

And while you are at it, please also let me limit the search afterwards, like a time period (the 90s), a genre (Rock), a language (some German bands do use English album title, but produce German lyrics), a country of origin (yes, German bands are capable of singing English lyrics).

You are the search giant … aren’t you?