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Registering EMF models in plain java

Using Eclipse EMF/Ecore models inside the Eclipse Platform is quite easy. Loading an XML/XMI serialized model file is only a matter of some lines of code. The most interesting thing about this is that the whole Eclipse platform can handle the registration of models and model factories for you. So instead of knowing what model type you are loading, it will be detected and the right model factory will be used for loading and creating your model instance. Even better is the fact that also derived model objects can be loaded that way.

Just image you are writing a model A and extend object in the model B. So you can create a model instance which contains objects from model A and B and just serialize it to XML. Loading it back will of course give you model objects of type A and B. Although initially only model A existed and B was an extension using derivation. For this to work the resource mechanism of EMF must need to know which namespace is handled by which resource package and factory. If you are running inside an Eclipse Platform this is easily done using the extension mechanism. And the “genmodel” file and generator will automatically create the correct code and “plugin.xml” for this setup.

The problems start when you are outside the Eclipse Platform and running in a plain Java application. The default way to go is by registering all EMF models somewhere before loading the serialized models:

public void setup () {

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Fixing the theming issue with Eclipse RCP applications in E4

It seems that migrating from Eclipse RCP 3.x to E4 (Eclipse 4.x) is not a quick win. If you already have an RCP based application the switch to E4 turns out to be a real problem. As is the E4 way if you want some sort of “custom” application that features some IDE components (like a perspective switcher or about dialog). It seems a bit strange that the migration from 3 to 4 is such a bumpy ride. Although there a are lots of tutorials, they mostly only scratch the surface of the task to convert a full blown RCP application. But this should be a rant on E4, I hope that the next releases improve that situation a lot.

When I migrated our RCP Application (OSTC from openSCADA) to E4 using the RCP bundle of E4. This seems not to be a real E4 application, but allows one to run a legacy, 3.x, application inside the new E4 environment. A quick it-just-works migration, still you miss all the E4 fun. But at the first start the user interface looked up bit garbled up. Some black line drawing artifacts. The tabs where a bit “dull” compared to the facy new tabs in E4.

The solution was pretty simple, the final RCP application was missing the bundle “org.eclipse.platform” which contained the themes and the necessary resources.