Working with ODFDOM

While working a little bit with ODFDOM to automatically generate some documentation I found some tasks rather difficult to accomplish due to the fact that they were hardly documented. There is a lot of ODF documentation, but how to use it with ODFDOM is another story.

So first a list of documentation I found:

Adding a new paragraph with a pre-defined style

To create a new paragraph with a style I used the following static function:
[code language=”Java”]
public static OdfTextParagraph newStyledParagraph ( final OdfTextDocument odt, final String style, final String content ) throws Exception
final OdfTextParagraph p;
if ( content != null ) {
p = odt.newParagraph ( content );
} else {
p = odt.newParagraph ();
p.setStyleName ( style );
return p;

Adding fields (like title and subtitle)

The following snippet will create a new paragraph

[code language=”Java”]
OdfTextParagraph p;
p = OdfHelper.newStyledParagraph ( odt, "Title", null );
p.newTextTitleElement ();

p = OdfHelper.newStyledParagraph ( odt, "Subtitle", null );
p.newTextSubjectElement ();

Creating a new parapgraph style

The next snippet creates a new a new style called “Source Text” dereived from “Text Boby”. The setFontFamily method is a helper to set all font properties at once.

[code language=”Java”]
protected void setFontFamily ( final OdfStyleBase style, final String value )
style.setProperty ( OdfTextProperties.FontFamily, value );
style.setProperty ( OdfTextProperties.FontFamilyAsian, value );
style.setProperty ( OdfTextProperties.FontFamilyComplex, value );

private void createStyles ( final OdfTextDocument odt )
final OdfOfficeStyles styles = odt.getOrCreateDocumentStyles ();

final OdfStyle style = styles.newStyle ( "Source Text", OdfStyleFamily.Paragraph );
style.setStyleParentStyleNameAttribute ( "Text Body" );
style.setProperty ( OdfParagraphProperties.Margin, "1cm" );
style.setProperty ( OdfParagraphProperties.BackgroundColor, "#DDDDDD" );
setFontFamily ( style, "Courier New" );

Copy content from one to another ODF File

While most of the document I made was created some static part a the beginning was needed. Instead of creating it manually I created a new ODT File in LibreOffice and imported the content to the generated document.

The following snipped does that:
[code language=”Java”]
private void createStaticContent ( final OdfTextDocument odt, final File file ) throws Exception
// check if file is readable and is a file
if ( !file.canRead () || !file.isFile () )

// Load the document to import

final OdfTextDocument staticOdt = OdfTextDocument.loadDocument ( file );

// Create a new text section which will receive the content. This is optional.
// You could also load the content directly on the root of the document

final TextSectionElement section = new TextSectionElement ( odt.getContentDom () );
odt.getContentRoot ().appendChild ( section );
section.setTextProtectedAttribute ( true );
section.setTextNameAttribute ( "Static Content" ); //$NON-NLS-1$

// iterate over all nodes
final NodeList childNodes = staticOdt.getContentRoot ().getChildNodes ();
for ( int i = 0; i < childNodes.getLength (); i++ )
// clone node from source
final Node newNode = childNodes.item ( i ).cloneNode ( true );
// import to target DOM
final Node adoptedNode = odt.getContentDom ().adoptNode ( newNode );
// append to section
section.appendChild ( adoptedNode );
Since only content is imported the styles of the target document will be used for the content that was imported.

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